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A made-to-measure pewter top

A made-to-measure pewter top

We adapt our pewter tops on your existing furniture

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The pewter bar counters

"Specialist of bar topsmade of pewter, our creations are renowned all over the world.

Our pewter bar counters find their place in bistrots, restaurants, hotels, wine bars, reception or sideboard. They are also appreciated in the private circle as bars and cooking work surfaces.

The know-how of the pewter maker starts from the pewter bullion.
According to tradition, the alloy used was 60%, this is the "Claire Etoffe" or 82% for a heightened silvery shine. Parisians refer to this type of bar counter as "le zinc". From now on the alloy used over the length of the countertops and the work surfaces is of food grade quality according to the US and European standards.

Pewter is a pure ore, a noble material. It is delivered in bullions in our workshops; we work and cast them ourselves in our very old moulds, what already generates a very high solidity.
Our countertops are 3 mm thick and 4 to 6 mm thick for the mouldings.
Pewter offers the counter a wide range of decor through different mouldings.

For shaping, adaptability is absolute. Solders are invisible making the whole set as a very robust single piece without sharp angle, what guarantees a perfect hygiene.

At least, with time, our bar counters take on a unique patina while getting a beautiful colour of old silver being star-studded due to various shocks received every day. Its easy maintenance is made with soapy water or mineral soap special pewter made by us.

As regards its legendary strength two centuries of faithful service in brasseries can testify to that.

Technical language

Technical language
  1. Width of the counter
  2. Height of the moulding
  3. Back side
  4. Backward raising (optional)
  5. Cut in the raising
  6. Wood board 30 or 37 mm thick
  7. Frontward raising from about 5 to 15 mm high

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3 new edge profiles :

New patina :